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By Mark Kurlansky

A robust, DEEPLY relocating NARRATIVE OF desire REBORN

Fifty years after it was once bombed to rubble, Berlin is once more a urban during which Jews assemble for the Passover seder. Paris and Antwerp have lately emerged as very important new facilities of Jewish tradition. Small yet proud Jewish groups are revitalizing the traditional facilities of Budapest, Prague, and Amsterdam. those courageous, made up our minds Jewish women and men have selected to settle–or remain–in Europe after the devastation of the Holocaust, yet they've got paid a value. one of the unforeseen hazards, they've got needed to do something about an alarming resurgence of Nazism in Europe, the unfold of Arab terrorism, and the effect of the Jewish kingdom on eu life.

Delving into the intimate tales of ecu Jews from all walks of lifestyles, Kurlansky weaves jointly a vibrant tapestry of people maintaining their traditions, and flourishing, within the shadow of historical past. An inspiring tale of a tenacious those who have rebuilt their lives within the face of incomprehensible horror, A selected Few is a testomony to cultural survival and a party of the deep bonds that suffer among Jews and eu civilization.

“Consistently soaking up . . . A selected Few investigates the fairly uncharted territory of an encouraging phenomenon.”
–Los Angeles instances

“I can reflect on no publication that portrays with such intelligence, historic realizing, and journalistic aptitude what lifestyles has been like for Jews made up our minds to construct lives in Europe.”

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The Communists were worse than the Nazis,” he asserted. “The Nazis killed bodies, but the Communists killed souls. That was worse. ” He was shocked to discover that Irene and other Jews at the Kulturverein were unrepentant Communists. “I don't understand,” he said to Irene one day while they were koshering the kitchen. ” “Right,” said Irene in her blunt New York English. “Then they found out they didn't have jobs anymore. ” David, not an arguing man, gathered up the frizzy blond extremities of his beard, thought for an instant, then examined the ingredients listed on an apple juice label.

Army Air Force. Initially, the German police claimed 18,000 dead. But in subsequent years the count has wavered between 30,000 and 130,000. Germany fell, and with little chance for recrimination against the rest of the world, Germans have, for a half century, denounced the bombing of Dresden as cruel and unnecessary. Before it was bombed into a rum, Dresden, the capital of Saxony, had been one of the prized centers of Germany. The old walled medieval town reached its golden age in the eighteenth century.

Everything Jewish was hot in Germany these days. When the Jewish Community over in West Berlin offered courses in Hebrew, more non-Jews signed up than Jews. The Hebrew course that the Kul-turverein offered had a higher ratio of Jews, but a large number of gentiles regularly participated in events. Mia Lehmann was still struggling with her own relationship to Jewishness. Seventy-three years earlier, in a small Romanian town in the Bucovina region, she had gone to visit her mother at Yom Kippur services and had found her sitting on the ground outside the synagogue.

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