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By Robert V. Levine

Even though it is tough to recollect in our clock-driven age, the concept that of time is relative and versatile. Robert Levine issues out cultures feel of time has profound outcomes for an individual's mental, actual, and emotional future health. traveling round the glope, in either previous and current occasions, he describes "clock time" against either "nature time" - the rhythm of the sunlight and the seasons - and "event time" - the structuring of time round happenings. He argues that by means of studying to embody those 3 varied perceptions of time, via constructing a "multi temporal" strategy, possible take pleasure in a extra versatile and profitable lifestyles.

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Did you notice the anti-splash aerated faucets on the wash basins? ," in other words, may require more than a dictionary to translate. " ZEN MASTER THICH NHAT HANH As clock- and oven-watchers have long suspected, time seems to move more quickly when a task is absorbing, when it is challenging and requires mental effort, and when more events are happening. 33 One experiment, in fact, literally demonstrated that the passage of time feels slower to people who are directed to do nothing other than wait for a pot to boilY In other words, when the tempo of events is fast, the duration of time also seems to compress.

Sometimes the tempos of third-world cultures can be strikingly different, even between seemingly similar neighbors. '4 In one study, 14 A GEOGRAPHY OF TIME he compared the Tiv of Nigeria to their neighbors, the Hausa. The Tiv, he found, are fast people. They waste little time with perfunctory rituals such as greetings. They like to get their hellos out of the way quickly and get right down to business. Living right next to these third-world Type A's are their neighbors, the Hausas, who would not think of depriving a greeting of its rightful duration.

At the moment of life and death," says Zen scholar D. T . " '9 Martial artists control the moment by learning to psychologically slow down the speed of an opponent's movements, so that the attack appears to come in slow motion. By doing so, they are able to carefully attend to each significant detail of the impinging event. The master picks off each threat, one at a time, as if it were standing in wait. " Contemporary Western athletes speak in their own Zen-like terms about time expansion. " At these moments, he recalls, the ball would appear huge as it came over the net and seem suspended in slow motion.

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