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By Zhenpeng Su

This thesis makes a speciality of the development and alertness of an electron radiation belt kinetic version together with a variety of adiabatic and non-adiabatic procedures. The terrestrial radiation belt was once came upon over 50 years in the past and has bought a resurgence of curiosity in recent times. the most drivers of radiation belt learn are the elemental technology questions surrounding its advanced and dramatic dynamics and especially its strength dangers posed to space-borne structures. The institution of physics-based radiation belt types may be in a position to establish the contributions of varied mechanisms, forecast the longer term radiation belt evolution after which mitigate its opposed house climate effects.

Dr. Su is now an Professor works in division of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences, college of technological know-how and know-how of China, Hefei, China.

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5. If only the radial diffusion (Case A) is considered, electron PSD is found to monotonically increase as L increasing except when the out boundary loss during the main phase is introduced. Cyclotron resonant interaction with chorus waves (Case B) can effectively accelerate the electrons out of plasmapause, and produce a persistent peak of PSD from L = 4 to 6, consistent with the previous observations (Green and Kivelson 2004). Cyclotron resonant interactions with plume waves (Case C) can cause significant loss of electrons with relatively high energies during the main phase.

1029/2003GL018757 Schulz M, Lanzerotti LJ (1974) Particle diffusion in the radiation belts, in physics and chemistry in space, vol 7. Springer, New York Shprits YY, Thorne RM, Horne RB, Glauert SA, Cartwright M, Russell CT, Baker DN, Kanekal SG (2006) Acceleration mechanism responsible for the formation of the new radiation belt during the 2003 halloween solar storm. Geophys Res Lett 33(L05):104. 1029/2005GL024256 Shprits YY, Elkington SR, Meredith NP, Subbotin DA (2008) Review of modeling of losses and sources of relativistic electrons in the outer radiation belt I: radial transport.

279385 sin αe )/12 (Schulz et al. 1991). 10) can degenerate into that adopted by Brautigam and Albert (2000), Albert et al. (2009) when αe = 90◦ . 2 shows the profiles of radial diffusion coefficients D LML and D LEL , electron lifetimes τC and τW during quite time (K p = 2). 2 Global Radiation Belt Diffusion Model STEERB 47 Fig. 0 MeV during quite time (K p = 2) are found to be generally comparable with those in the earlier study (Beutier and Boscher 1995). These expressions for radial diffusion coefficients D LML and D LEL are obtained from the observation data in outer radiation belt, and it is questionable to apply them to the slot and inner belt regions (Komatsu and Watanabe 2008).

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