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By Larry Stillman

    When Moniek (Morris) Goldner and his relations have been uprooted from their Polish farming village in the course of a German motion, the child-sized sixteen-year-old fled into the forests. He ultimately met up together with his father, who had additionally escaped, and jointly they controlled to outlive till a former good friend betrayed the pair. Wounded and left for lifeless underneath his father’s murdered physique, Goldner was once rescued via the enigmatic outlaw Jan Kopec, who was once additionally in hiding, trying to find how you can benefit from his legal expertise.
    For eighteen months Kopec concealed the boy with him, relocating from one quarter to a different, usually staying in hideouts he had formed years previous. at the beginning Kopec expert Goldner just to function his partner in robberies and black marketplace actions. yet prior to lengthy he driven the learning to a complete new point, making it attainable for him to promote Goldner’s companies to a shadowy resistance team which was once changing into drawn to the bold younger saboteur.
    And via all of it, those disparate personalities—the quiet, small-framed boy and the stocky, callous mercenary—forged an notable friendship and co-dependency born of want and desperation in a hellish time and place.

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Kopec let me hold the gun and get used to its feel. It was surprisingly compact and light, but in my small hands it felt immense. I wanted to ask how he came to possess these weapons, one from each side of the war, but feeling intimidated, I kept my tongue. A LL MY REFLECTIONS 28 Kopec We entered the village after midnight. It seemed to me that Kopec selected houses at random. He had a sense about these things, I would come to learn, honed through years of experience. The plan was to find a window that could be forced open just wide enough for me to slip through.

Actually, she had hit upon the truth, because we soon learned that the rails and roads in our area were at a standstill, for a time, while the country absorbed the news of invasion and bravely, but with complete futility, tried to resist. And when Papa dragged his body in the door that Sunday morning, having walked nearly half the distance from Krako´w, we all hugged him greedily. Mama knew he would not be home for long, but Gita and I were stunned beyond words when, two days later, Papa appeared at breakfast and announced that he was leaving, possibly for a very long time.

The whole lot of them. He knew this meant only one thing: extermination. He immediately put an escape plan into action, although certainly he must have been aware that the odds of success were against him. Kopec never told Kryzak all the details, but he did tell him this: the next day he and that Turek fellow drove their horse cart right out of the camp. They drove deep into the forest, then eventually made it on foot all the way back home. Kryzak guessed that Kopec was in Auschwitz under an assumed name; a lot of the prisoners were.

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