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For the real religious seeker:
This e-book provides an outstanding approach for various varied religious reasons that is in response to the information of the chakra approach and its analogies with the 5 parts on all 3 planes. you don't need striking skills to enhance your religious development, to transparent and to heal your self. With at the very least effort and time on your day-by-day perform you may make nice growth on your religious improvement. additional extra you are going to adventure a deep balancing and vitalization in all elements of your character.

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The ego is a divine child of God which lets us experience the creation and take part in it. It is originally good but often turned negative because of the restrictions and the bad experiences. So we have to heal and to integrate our egos (solar plexus chakras which are often ill or damaged). This is easy. Above the solar plexus chakras there is the pair of the heart chakras (back and front). In an advanced spiritual student the heart chakra is awakened and there is a permanent flow of loving, caring energy to the solar plexus chakra.

It means transformation, - spiritualization. By working with the senses, - sense organs you vitalize them. This means you better your physical perception, you increase your imagination skills with all senses and you awake your perception on the higher planes, e. g. clairvoyance etc. The chakra concentration technique Get an egg timer and set it on 3 minutes. As usual take your asana, relax by deep natural breathing and close your eyes. You start with the fire element. This means you concentrate yourself smoothly on your Ajna chakra – just set your awareness, your feeling, your consciousness into your Ajna and keep it there for the 3 minutes.

A strong Solar plexus gives authority in society. In some way you can say that there are main chakras with special focus on one of the three planes. The highest frequency chakras for all elements are in the head region - mental, spiritual dimension. The higher soul chakras are in the upper part of the body and the lowest frequency chakras are in the lower body region. This is in a way simplifying because the chakras have very complex functions and provide a variety of different energies. But it is good for orientation.

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