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By J. L. C. Martin-Doyle and Martin H. Kemp (Auth.)

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Choroid: The choroid is a highly vascular pigmented structure extending from the ora to the optic disc. It is separated from the sclera by the suprachoroidal lymph space. Internally, it is separated from the pigment epithelium by a structureless membrane. The choroidal blood vessels are largest externally and get smaller as they reach the inner layers, eventually forming a fine capillary network, the choriocapillaris. The function of the choroid is nutritive only. Blood Supply: The blood supply of the posterior part of the uveal tract is through the short posterior ciliary arteries.

Atropine treatment should be started at the earliest moment and persisted in throughout the duration of the disease. c. Local steroid treatment is invaluable and often results in improvement that is little short of dramatic. It should be started at the earliest moment and continued until long after the eye is white. d. Hot bathing or short-wave diathermy is helpful if there is pain during the acute stages. e. Dark glasses are essential. DISEASES O F T H E CORNEA 35 / Everything possible for the general health of the patient should be done—good food, vitamins, fresh air, etc.

Vesicles appear, which often suppurate leaving depressed scars. Some anaesthesia of the skin area is often present. When these symptoms begin to subside the eye troubles appear. Tiny spots appear on the cornea, which soon develops a deep-seated infiltration, and a troublesome and persistent iridocyclitis commences. The cornea is anaesthetic, and in rare cases a transient paralysis of one or more cranial nerves occurs, lasting for many weeks or even months. Severe pain may continue for a very long time after all the skin lesions have healed.

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