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By Sirona Knight

Bargains not only one yet thirteen interesting own tales from latest so much widespread witches. Compiled and edited through Sirona Knight, a training witch and famous Pagan writer, this special e-book offers a lens into the internal international of witchcraft as 13 major Wiccan authors describe their non secular trips through specific interviews. those thirteen women and men, together with Patricia Telesco, AJ Drew, Ambrose Hawk, woman Sabrina, Skye Alexander, Gerina Dunwich and Dorothy Morrison, clarify how they got here to stroll down the Wiccan direction, sharing their insights, emotions, techniques, in addition to describing their life-changing studies. all of them come from diversified backgrounds, stay in several components of the realm, and perform varied varieties of magick. This particular number of non secular trips offers a close-up inspect the magickal global of witchcraft, which may end up in improved information, empowerment, and a extra enriching lifestyles.

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Knowing firsthand that creation comes from the female or feminine aspect of life, I have always found it hard to believe that the Divine is inherently male. Divinity is about creation, and creation is about the Goddess, not the God. It is in the womb of the Goddess that we were all created, and each of us continually thanks our mother for the fact that we are even here in this life. From the womb of Oneness we are birthed into this physical reality, and through our experiences, we can either move forward or backward.

This is a promising aspect of Wicca, as are such movements as Patriotic Paganism, where Wiccans 45 A Witch Like Me vote and support basic American values such as family traditions. I know many Witches who use the American flag in ritual. After all, Witchcraft is very American—early American. We Are not “Hollywood Witches” To the great displeasure of the Religious Right, I don’t feel that Wicca is just a T-shirt or tattoo fashion statement. It’s an official and legal religion, as well as a spiritual and sacred path.

35 A Witch Like Me Everything came together on the night of my initiation, but not without a few hitches. Earlier in the evening, I didn’t know if I was going make it to my own initiation when the drive train of the car I was riding in busted right off. I was with a friend, and here we were in the middle of the not-sowholesome part of Sacramento, and I was wondering if I was doing the right thing. We began walking to a nearby house where a little girl was playing outside. She was very friendly and told me that her name was Tara.

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