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CONCLUSIONS Activated barriers have been under development since the mid-70s, but it is only with the recent advances in detection technology that they have become a viable component in a well-designed physical protection system. With the use of layered alarm sensors monitored by high-speed computer processors and integrated with modern closed circuit television, security inspectors are able to acknowledge and assess alarms accurately in tens of seconds. With timely information, a hardened activated barrier improves the delay time from minutes to tens of minutes.

Keith Harman, the author of the first article, and a co-author in 1976. It has now become an extremely popular product. It is used in as diverse settings as maximum security prisons, national defense facilities, and even school bus parking areas. The systems are relatively easy and economical to install. Maintenance is minor. Malfunctions are rare. Repairs are fast and simple. The systems are excellent in discovering intruders with a minimum of false or nuisance alarms. They provide an excellent fringe benefit in facilitating layered systems, that is, to interface a variety of different sensors to achieve the same objective, thus providing synergistic success in intrusion detection.

Therefore, the operator should be provided a dedicated assessment monitor (ideally located on the display panel for the activated-barrier system), whose display follows a predetermined algorithm. For our example, the algorithm will be • No alarm—real-time image of target area entrance from outside; • One alarm—alternate between real-time image of target area entrance from outside and frame-grabber image from alarm assessment camera at time of alarm; and 48 • Security Barrier Technology Multiple alarms—alternate between real-time image of target area entrance from outside and real-time image of interior of target area floor, ceiling, and walls (other than entrance).

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