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By Michael Berenbaum

The tale of yank Jewry is inextricably entwined with the remarkable defeat of the Holocaust and the rebirth of the country of Israel. in spite of the fact that, for Michael Berenbaum, and others of his iteration, whose grownup cognizance incorporated the warfare in Lebanon and the Palestinian Uprisings, the story is extra anguished, for the Jewish individuals are now divided, doubtful concerning the implications of the earlier and the path in their destiny. Berenbaum explores the Jewish identification of this new release, the 1st to mature after tragedy and triumph. He probes the Holocaust's impression on Jewish recognition and the imprint of yank tradition on Jewish identification. demanding Zionism's traditional assumptions, he info American Jews' altering dating to Israel as he examines the tensions created inside of Jewish culture among a background of victimization and the empowerment of Jews. whereas demonstrating that the safety of victory is one step from the affliction of sufferers, even if the victors have lately emerged from the hearth, Berenbaum holds out the wish of liberation for Judaism, preserving that 5 thousand years of heritage, with its bankruptcy of Holocaust and empowerment, offer a distinct beginning upon which to construct a destiny. Michael Berenbaum is Hymen Goldman Professor of Theology at Georgetown college and venture Director of the USA Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. he's the writer or editor of numerous books, together with The imaginative and prescient of the Void: Theological Reflections at the Works of Elie Wiesel and The Holocaust: non secular and Political Implications (with John Roth).

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Much to the surprise of the survivors themselves, America became the dominant theme of the conference - or at least the survivors' unique sense of America. There were expressions of pride and appreciation for America, the land of opportunity and liberty. " Another survivor said, "America embraced us when we felt rejected. " There were words of gratitude to America for defeating the Nazis, liberating the concentration camps, welcoming survivors, supporting Israel, and establishing a national Holocaust memorial.

Wiesenthal maintains that although all Jews were victims, the Holocaust transcended the confines of the Jewish community. Other people shared the tragic fate of victimhood. Wiesenthal personifies two traditional self-characterizations of the Jewish people, din (justice) and am kisheh oref (a stiff-necked people); he has been tenacious in his pursuit of law, demanding that the European nations bring their Nazi war criminals to trial. He has stubbornly refused to abandon the quest for justice after some forty-five years, even when its meaning may have been tarnished by international disinterest and by the absence of appropriately severe sentences.

He wants to expel the alien and make Israel Arabrein. 11 In short, Israel has retold the Holocaust story to mold and reinforce its national saga as it has developed over the past four decades. The Americanization of the Holocaust In America, a different reading of the Holocaust has evolved. Two examples may prove instructive. In 1983 the American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors brought more than 20,000 people to Washington for a three-day conference - the largest single sustained assembly in American Jewish history.

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