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By Rosicrucian Order AMORC, Frater Albertus, Timothy O'Neill, Dennis William Hauck, Ralph Maxwell Lewis, Christian Rebisse, Peter Bindon, Christian Bernard

This factor of the Rosicrucian Digest provides a compendium of fabrics that supply an outstanding advent to an important points of Alchemy.

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This all seems to imply that the Stone grows from the First Matter that has been raised to a higher level in the Work. Many reports of the creation of the Philosopher’s Stone exist among Arabian and European alchemists. One of the most credible is from the revered alchemist Albertus Magnus. He reported he had successfully created gold by “transmutation” in the later years of his life. When Magnus died in 1280, the miraculous object was passed on to his student Thomas Aquinas, who is also said to have made many successful transmutations using it.

It is this significant fact which provides our spagyric art with such an armor that no materialist can pierce it. If it were not for the cleansing, purging, and aging of the alchemist-to-be over a great length of time, like the subjectum he is working with, how could it be kept from the profane and the unworthy? Only that which has stood the test of fire has been purified. That there is still a cloak of secrecy covering alchemical processes, and that this must yet remain so will have to be accepted by all aspiring alchemists.

In some ways, the Philosopher’s Stone also resembles the forbidden fruit of Genesis and symbolizes knowledge that human beings are not meant to possess. The power of the Philosopher’s Stone to transform anything lies in its fundamental ability to connect through all levels of Above and Below, spirit and matter, light and darkness. The Stone exists in the formative realm between energy and matter, suspended in the twilight between what exists and what does not exist. ” In Latin, the Philosopher’s Stone was called the Lapis Philosophorum (Stone of the Philosophers) but to the Greeks it was known as the Chrysopoeia (the Heart of Gold).

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