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By Lon Milo DuQuette

The dawning 20th century isn't sufficiently big for eccentric genius Aleister Crowley. he's an acclaimed poet, chess grasp, world-class mountaineer, and possibly the main passionately liberated guy in Victorian London. His actual devotion, despite the fact that, is magic...and the quest for his personal soul.

An notorious fourteenth century Arabic ebook of magic survives the centuries to spawn the formation of a hidden society of magicians in London. The Order is led through occult student MacGregor Mathers and his spouse Moina, who declare to be involved with mystery masters that provide them ever-increasing magical wisdom and gear. For a number of years the Order grows, drawing on new individuals from the giants of British trade, artwork, and literature.

Suddenly, on the top of the Order's impression, MacGregor and Moina seem to lose touch with the key masters. They stream to Paris and forget about the Order's plea for extra teachings and better initiations. The London resort threatens to sever ties with them and make magical touch with the key masters themselves. 5 very recognized participants lead the revolt:

*the poet William Butler Yeats
*the playwright Maude Gonne
*Bram Stoker, writer of Dracula
*Florence Farr, the main acclaimed actress of her day
*and one of many wealthiest ladies on the planet, tea heiress Annie Horniman.

Crowley naively joins the Order firstly of the insurrection. Blinded by means of his excessive religious aspirations, he's not purely drawn into the clash, yet unwittingly turns into the catalyst that brings approximately their destruction.

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He carries a leather portfolio. Moina is also dressed in black, her blouse buttoned to the neck, her skirt belted and cinched neatly at her corset-pinched waist. Moina hands the library clerk a card. The conversation at first takes place in French with subtitles. Moina speaks first. “I am Moina Mathers; this is my husband, MacGregor Mathers, curator of the Horniman Museum in London. ” The clerk does not look up from his paperwork. ” “Number 1717, folio 93, manuscript 418. ” The clerk stops his paperwork and looks up.

No! One at a time you bloody idiots! Get back! ” The bridge starts to collapse. First a large chunk of snow from the middle crumbles and falls. The companion scrambles to return to the far side. He jumps and manages to clutch the edge with his arms. He dangles for an instant, clinging to the crumbling ice. He screams pitifully … then falls. The man on the bridge attempts to leap over the breach towards Crowley’s side of the chasm. Crowley reaches for him, holding out his pick axe. The porter grasps the head of Crowley’s axe.

You translated it. Now use it. Use it or I’m leaving you. Mathers throws his pencil down. ” Moina gestures to the statues that surround them. ” Mathers picks up the book and slowly opens it to the back pages. He looks up at Moina, who has now put on her most sweetly appealing face. ” Mathers carefully tears a magick square from the book. He folds it and puts it in his shirt pocket. Immediately we are startled by the thundering sound of the huge museum doors slamming shut, followed by the echoing of approaching footsteps.

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