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WC2 (4 - ( n o . ~ ) ) = e(C) + 2 (resp. o) e 2 = e(C 2) = e(C) + q ) @rant tun r@l@vement ~c(-e+q )) , le diagramme --~ d'une qui suit montre section que lisse ~C1 (-e I) .

7, on a: [F X ( k + ~ ) - 2 F X(k) + F X(k-~)]+ [F X ( k + ~ ) - 2 F X(k) + Fx(s)-FX(s+~) + q F X(k-q)]_ = nombre de =nombre de n2j @gaux & = hombre n~j @gaux ~ n~j ~gaux & s . k . 5, gSn@ral courbe. normale On le si la courbe C de la s e c t i o n de a a un type r@duit. ce p a r a g r a p h e fication I) la p r e u v e u~l choix assez (resp. int@gre courbe le type r@duit que dams alors p o u r la courbe courbe donnons num~rique) IP 3 d titre d' exemple des courbes La c o n d i t i o n la classi- arithmStiquement s(s+1)/2

In this material, Also there have appeared several articles which have a direct bearing on these questions, which i will particularly single out The present article represents version of [HI]. Needless to say, [RI], the scheme should include invariants IF-M] and [Lau]. (long overdue) definitive it has become rather different from the form it would have had around 1970. mention is a realization of Perhaps the main point to that the "secant structure" of an embedded two sets of embedded Segre-classes and numerical associated with them.

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