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By Dr. Lawrence A. Coben

 [Backad advert reproduction, Coben, Anna’s Shtetl]  “Using 1000s of interviews, Coben has created a desirable account of Anna’s youth within the shtetl in Korsun, Ukraine, telling the tale from her delivery in 1905 via her immigration to the US in 1919. This biography is principally infrequent simply because there are only a few firsthand descriptions from this time and position written from a feminine viewpoint. With striking readability and aspect, Anna describes the connection among Korsun’s Jews and Christians, either in strong occasions and later, as she and her relations develop into sufferers in numerous terrifying pogroms. the tale of the lengthy trip that eventually takes them to the United States is a page-turner that retains the reader’s realization to the very finish. hugely recommended.” – organization of Jewish Libraries Newsletter “The e-book relates the wealthy aspect of daily shtetl existence and describes not just the atrocities suffered but in addition the kindness and friendship of many non-Jewish neighbors.” – Mass-Pocha  “A photo of existence within the Russian shtetl painted with a really gifted brush.” – St. Louis Jewish ebook pageant evaluate  “Wondrous… what makes Anna’s tale really amazing is her uncanny reminiscence and her skill to bear in mind minute information about events.” – West finish notice   

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Avrum, chosen by Beyla’s parents through a matchmaker, had his own yikhes, that of a student at a yeshiva, a Hebrew religious college. Beyla’s father had acquired a certain degree of yikhes for himself by marrying the daughter of a rabbi. Besides, he was a wealthy man, and wealth allowed him to acquire his own yikhes by giving to charity and by supporting religious learning in the community. Such a man commonly added to his store of yikhes by ¤nding a learned man—such as Avrum—to marry his daughter.

By the time Aaron had earned his nest egg selling beet seeds to the Germans, however, his father had died, another war loomed, and no one could be sure that Aaron would be safe from a draft for this new, larger war. Aaron was able to leave Korsun for America without arousing suspicion. He and his stepbrother, who was also distancing himself from the army, dressed themselves in their best clothes and stepped into a carriage in the daytime, when anyone could witness what they were doing. They had hired the carriage to take them out of town.

Although she had been deeply affected by her beloved grandfather’s suffering, she was also worrying about Mayna, concerned that her little sister might become ill or even die from starvation under the severe conditions of the civil war. One day she saw Avrum holding a piece of the bread that she had earned with her digging, bread she had hidden to save for Mayna. She grabbed the bread from her grandfather and gave it to Mayna, who had nothing to eat. Anna knew instinctively that a child had a greater claim on scarce food than an old man who was dying.

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