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By Smith, David Livingstone; Freud, Sigmund

A finished elementary introductory account of Freudian concept and different significant currents in psychoanalytic inspiration. it's also biographical fabric at the significant theorists. It is helping to remedy many misconceptions approximately psychoanalytic conception and should be necessary for college kids and pros alike. 248 pages.

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Through the process of condensation, a single unconscious thought may be realized though a number of images in a single dream. Conversely, condensation may also pack multiple meanings into a single dream image. The condensation of multiple meanings is also called "overdetermination". In their transformation into the manifest dream, unconscious thoughts are constrained by considerations of representability. This means that they are transformed in such a way as to permit concrete (usually visual) representation.

It must be transcribed into language. According to Freud, there are constraints upon just which thoughts can pass into Pcs. Items passing from Ucs. to Pcs. must pass by a “censor” (modelled on the Roman censor, who regulated entry into the Forum). The task of the censor is to determine which thoughts can be mentally put into words and therefore be available to consciousness. ). The censor therefore excludes those thoughts that, if admitted to oneself, would produce these reactions. There is also a second censor between Pcs.

The dream was brief and simple. I dreamed that I was Ronald Reagan sitting behind a large desk. I had a vague impression that there was an American flag displayed behind me. I felt very self-conjident. I began the analysis by free-associatingto Ronald Reagan. I had in fact seen Reagan on a television newscast before going to sleep. This programme was about the upcoming American presidential election. A political analyst commented that Reagan was almost certain to win the election, and the Democratic contender had little chance of success.

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