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By Yasir Suleiman

This publication explores points of the Arabic Grammatical culture and Arabic Linguistics from either a theoretical and descriptive viewpoint. It additionally touches on problems with relevance to different disciplines, really Qur'anic exegesis and jurisprudence. The hyperlinks among the fields of language and faith are traditionally robust within the Arabic and Islamic traditions as loads effort and time used to be spent by means of grammarians in analyzing the proper meanings of 2 of the most resources of Islamic jurisprudence - the Quran and Hadith. Prof Suleiman has assembled a world staff of specialists during this quarter and provides a radical assessment of the assets and arguments. The e-book might be of curiosity to all scholars, researchers and academics of Arabic Language and tradition.

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The schema ‘X is closer to Z than Y \ which captures the inner logic in Ibn Jinni’s thinking, serves in our view as one further piece of evidence in support of the autonomy thesis in AGT. Although the ‘distance’ in explanatory perspective is said to be ‘shorter’ between grammar and scholastic theology than it is between the former and jurisprudence, it is still the case that an epistemological disjunction is thought to obtain between the members of the first pair, as it does between those of the second.

This array of different theoretical mutations testifies not just to the ingenuity of modem scholarship, but also to the richness and, perhaps more significantly, elasticity of AGT. The second approach uses modem linguistics more eclectically as an interpretative instrument by means of which AGT can be “interrogated” (Bohas et al. 1990). A commendable feature of this approach is that it can be applied in a topic focussed fashion, concentrating on the micro-level of theoretical interpretation, thus leaving the global construction of the macro-theoretical edifice to proceed in a piecemeal fashion.

By Mustafa Husayn ’Ahmad. 3rd ed. 4 vols. Cairo: Dar al-Turath & Beirut: Dar al-Kitab al-‘ArabI, 1987. B) Secondary sources Baalbaki, Ramzi. 1981. D.. Studia Arabica et Islamica. Festschrift for Ihsan ‘Abbas on his Sixtieth Birthday, ed. by Wadad al-Qadl, 1-26. Beirut: American Univ. of Beirut. Baalbaki, Ramzi. 1983. Early Arab lexicographers and the use of Semitic languages. 117-27. 28 KEES VERSTEEGH Ben Milad, Mahjoub. 1967. Ambiguite et mathani coraniques: Pour une theorie generate de la polarite dans la culture arabe.

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