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By Jan Spiller

For the 1st time ever, a recognized non secular astrologer stocks the secrets and techniques, formerly recognized merely to execs, that carry the major for your future.

Astrologer Jan Spiller indicates you the major to researching your hidden skills, your private wishes, and the methods you could keep away from adverse impacts which may distract you from attaining your real lifestyles function, as printed on your chart through the location of the North Node of the Moon. With perception and intensity very unlikely to achieve from the generally recognized sun-sign profiles, the enlightening self-portrait provided by means of the Nodes of the Moon can clarify the lifestyles classes you got here the following to profit and the way to accomplish the success and peace you want. Jan Spiller exhibits you the way to find the all-important North Node of the Moon on your astrological chart and gives a close interpretation of its impression and specific routines that can assist you study about:

• The specified expertise that's watching for you, a distinct present which may simply be became specialist success
• The SELF-DEFEATING developments on your character that may carry you again and sabotage relationships
• the affection accomplice who could be your soul mate—and the associate whose carry over you could result in heartbreak
• The catch or temptation from a previous existence which can bring about catastrophe while you're now not forewarned
• The therapeutic AFFIRMATIONS designed that can assist you unencumber your confident power and advance the features which could convey you actual happiness

Jan Spiller is nationally famous as a pace-setter within the astrology box. She is a college member of the yankee Federation of Astrologers and co-author of Spiritual Astrology.

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In past lives their decisions involved “the team”—they had to consult the other person so the outcome would work for the partnership. ” When they tell another person their decisions, they become vulnerable to that person’s approval. ” So it is better for them to keep decisions to themselves, knowing that their decisions will change as they themselves change and grow. Because Aries North Node people are influenced by what they think other people think (especially if it’s someone they respect), they have a tendency to trust others’ judgment above their own instincts.

20, 1967—Apr. 19, 1969 Aries Apr. 20, 1969—Nov. 2, 1970 Pisces Nov. 3, 1970—Apr. 27, 1972 Aquarius Apr. 28, 1972—Oct. 27, 1973 Capricorn Oct. 28, 1973—July 10, 1975 Sagittarius July 11, 1975—Jan. 7, 1977 Scorpio Jan. 8, 1977—July 5, 1978 Libra July 6, 1978—Jan. 12, 1980 Virgo Jan. 13, 1980—Sept. 24, 1981 Leo Sept. 25, 1981—Mat. 16, 1983 Cancer Mar. 17, 1983—Sept. 11, 1984 Gemini Sept. 12, 1984—Apr. 6, 1986 Taurus Apr. 7, 1986—Dec. 2, 1987 Aries Dec. 3, 1987—May 22, 1989 Pisces May 23, 1989—Nov.

12, 2048—Dec. 14, 2049 Sagittarius Dec. com Introduction This book contains my professional secrets: the methods I have used to successfully read personal astrology charts for the past twenty years. Many of my colleagues think I’m psychic. That may be true, but it’s not the primary mindset I use when I look at an astrology chart. To interpret a chart with confidence and accuracy, astrologers must have a starting point—an area they focus on when they first look at an individual chart. It may be the Sun sign, or the position of the Moon, the Eclipses, the major aspects, the number of planets in Fire, Water, Earth, or Air signs—each astrologer has his or her own personal entry into accessing, “seeing,” and interpreting the rest of the chart.

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